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Overnight Boarding

At Walk Time we offer home style boarding - Change can be stressful for our pups which is why we  strive to mimic the home environment as much as possible. We provide all the comforts with access to all the comfy spots the home has to offer - With a minimum of three walks per day and unlimited cuddles you can be sure your pup will be loved and stimulated as if they were at home.

Overnight Boarding - $70 

Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits are comprised of two twenty minute solo visits.

We offer help getting  your puppy acclimated to going outside or inside (on pee pads).

Positive reinforcement is always implemented. 

We are happy to feed your puppy at any of our visits. Simply let us know the amount and directions for your feeding. 

We will take your puppy out for their first walks as they are learning to go outside. If your puppy doesn’t have the necessary vaccinations to meet other dogs, we can avoid interactions, or, we can stay inside the entire time and play!

Puppy Visits can be customized to suit your specific pups needs and always include extra snuggles.

Puppy Visits 3 - 5 days per week -$22 per visit

Puppy Visits 1 - 2 days per week -$24 per visit


Solo Walks

Private walks are wonderful for senior, reactive or younger dogs. Private walks take place in 30 & 60 minute increments and focus on familiar area. All walks feature positive training reinforcement and will utilize “off-leash play” when deemed appropriate, either in a fully enclosed space or with the aid of a long line/training lead.

30 Minute Private Walks 3 - 5 days - $23

30 Minute Private Walks 1 -2 days - $25

60 Minute Private Walks 3 - 5 days - $34

60 Minute Private Walks 1 - 2 days - $36

Pack Walk

For the social pup pack walks offer the ultimate in mental and physical stimulation. Always on leash - these are socialization based walks focusing on appropriate leash and dog behaviours. Our packs are chosen based on breed and temperament to ensure a pawsitive and exciting experience for all!

As always a detailed report is sent to you by text or email after each adventure.

You will have the same dog walker every day to provide the most consistent care and best bond for your dog.Each walk is 50 minutes in length and whenever possible takes place in a shaded trail environment. 

Pack Walks 3 - 5 days per week - $23

Pack Walks 1 -2 days per week - $25

*Price per walk

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